ARIZONA – Renewables Incentive Programs Shrivel
The Arizona Corporation Commission has approved vastly diminished 2013 renewables incentive plans for the state’s two largest electric utilities, APS and TEP. TEP has done away with all incentives for commercial renewables and all non-solar residential renewables. Rebates for residential PV have dropped to $0.10/W, and solar-thermal incentives have also been reduced. APS also lowered its PV rebate to $0.10/W and made similar reductions for other technologies. Performance-based incentives for large commercial systems are no longer available, but smaller systems can receive an upfront payment. The total budget for APS’s commercial incentives in 2013, however, is a mere $100,000.

CALIFORNIA – Strong Response to LADWP Feed-In Tariff
LADWP opened the first round of its 100-MW feed-in tariff on February 1. Contracts totaling 20 MW will be awarded under the first round, with a total of four subsequent rounds commencing every six months. After its first week, the program had already received applications totaling 107 MW.

FEDERAL – Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit Resurrected 
Originally established by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 but dormant for the past three yearsthe Qualifying Advanced Energy Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit has received a fresh injection of $150 million. The deadline for applicants to submit concept papers is April 9. The U.S. Department of Energy will select from these submissions the companies that will be invited to apply for the tax credit.

LOUISIANA – New Rules Adopted for Renewables Tax Credit
The Louisiana Department of Revenue has adopted new administrative rules for the state’s tax credit for residential solar and wind energy. The new rules clarify the definition of solar-electric energy systems, solar-thermal energy systems, and wind-energy systems eligible for the credit. The new rules also stipulate that regardless of the number of system components installed on each qualifying home or residential apartment complex, such components shall constitute a single system for each residence or dwelling unit in a residential rental apartment complex for the purposes of the credit.
LA Personal Tax Credit.  LA Corporate Tax Credit

MASSACHUSETTS – Chicopee PV Rebate Level Lowered
Chicopee Electric Light offers customers a rebate of up to $2,500 for the installation of a PV system. Earlier this month, the municipal utility lowered the rebate level from $1.25/W to $0.50/W. This program, which has provided rebates since 2008, has an annual budget of approximately $40,000.

MICHIGAN – DTE Solar Currents Program Enters Hibernation
The first round of DTE’s revived Solar Currents program has closed. The next round is expected to open June 24. Under this program, DTE Energy offers incentives for a total of 500 kW of PV per round.

MICHIGAN – Consumers Energy PV Incentive Program Dormant
Phase 10 of Consumers Energy’s Experimental Advanced Renewable Program closed February 6. The next two phases will open simultaneously on April 1. Phase 11 will provide $0.209/kWh for non-residential PV. The payment rate for Phase 12, which will support residential PV, has note been determined.

MINNESOTA – RPS Progress Report Issued
The Minnesota Division of Energy Resources has published a report for the state legislature that outlines utilities’ compliance with the state’s RPS in 2011. The report indicates that utilities are on track to comply with their 2012 RPS requirements. 

NEW YORK – LIPA Lowers Residential PV Rebates, Yet Again
For the third time in less than a month, LIPA has made modest reductions to its residential PV rebate levels. The most recent step-downs dropped levels from $1.65/W to $1.50/W for customer-owned systems, and from $1.40/W to $1.30/W for third-party-owned systems. The reductions also have the effect of reducing the maximum incentive to $15,000 for customer-owned systems and $13,000 for third-party-owned systems.

OREGON – Renewables Grants up for Grabs
The Oregon Department of Energy is accepting applications for the state’s Renewable Energy Development Grant Program. Eligible systems include biomass, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, wind, landfill gas, biogas, wave, tidal and ocean-thermal-electric systems. The application deadline is March 15.

RHODE ISLAND – 2013 Feed-In Tariff Rates, Application Windows Set
Rhode Island has established ceiling rates for its feed-in tariff in 2013. The rates vary by system type and size. Ceiling rates for electricity generated by solar have been lowered; ceiling rates for wind energy have been raised; and a new rate has been established for anaerobic digesters (which weren’t eligible in 2012). Net-metered systems are eligible to participate. The first enrollment period in 2013 begins March 4 and ends March 15. Additional enrollment periods are scheduled to begin in June and September.

TVA – Mid-Size Renewables Standard Offer Reduced
Pricing levels for TVA’s Mid-Size Renewable Standard Offer 2013 program have dropped. The current price range under a long-term contract is $0.029/kWh to $0.082/kWh (with an average of $0.037/kWh) for generators 50 kW to 20 MW.