FLORIDA – FPL PV Rebate Program Shows Signs of Life
Florida Power & Light likely will reopen its PV rebate program in the spring. Last October, applicants exhausted the program’s original budget for 2012. No details of the potential new funding are available yet.

MAINE – Net-Metering Rules Revised
In June 2011, Maine enacted legislation instructing the Public Utilities Commission to amend the state’s net-metering rules to develop contract terms for net metering and interconnection agreements. The legislation also allowed the PUC to amend net metering following “routine technical rules.” This will enable the PUC to amend net energy without having obtaining legislative approval. Final rules implementing these changes were adopted last month. 

MASSACHUSETTS – Solar Hot Water Rebates Still Flowing
The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center launched a residential solar water-heating rebate program in February 2011 that was scheduled to end this month, but it has been extended until June 2012. This program offers rebates of up to $3,500 per building or 25% of total installed costs.

MASSACHUSETTS – Boston Sweetens the Solar Pot
The Renew Boston Solar program is offering rebates for solar water heating. To qualify, residents must have undertaken an energy audit recently and made the suggested improvements. This rebate, an adder to the MassCEC solar hot water rebate, is expected to run through August 2012.

MISSOURI – Ameren Unveils PV Production Incentives
Ameren Missouri is offering to purchase SRECs from customers that install PV systems on their property. For systems less than 10 kW, customers can receive an up-front payment for the estimated amount of electricity that will be generated over 10 years. For systems up to 100 kW, Ameren offers five-year contracts; customers will receive annual payments for the previous year’s production. 

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Renewables Grants up for Grabs
The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission is accepting applications for grants for renewables installed at non-residential facilities and or multi-family residences with at least three units. Systems financed by third parties are generally allowed. The application deadline for this funding round, which will provide a total of $1 million in grants, is March 1. Projects eligible for a rebate under any of the PUC’s renewables rebate programs, including the PUC’s commercial and industrial solar rebate program, are not eligible for these grants.

NEW JERSEY – PACE Financing Authorized
New Jersey enacted S.B. 1406 in January, authorizing municipalities to develop energy efficiency and renewables financing programs under the PACE model. This bill had a somewhat rocky history and ultimately was enacted in a reduced form after legislators concurred with the recommendations made in a conditional gubernatorial veto. The law is mostly silent on individual program limitations (e.g., eligible improvements) and requires local programs to be approved by the state Department of Community Affairs. Notably, the new law contains a provision allowing solar and other renewables projects to repay loans using SRECs or RECs.

UTAH – Feeling Lucky? Play the RMP PV Rebate Lottery
Rocky Mountain Power recently announced details of its 2012 Solar Incentive Program. The utility will award rebates of $1.55/W for residential and commercial PV systems. Historically, the program’s limited budget ($385,000 in 2012) has been swiftly and thoroughly subscribed shortly after the application window opened. This time, the utility will accept any applications from March 1 – March 14, and the “winners” will be determined by lottery.

WASHINGTON – Richland Retires PV Rebate Program
Richland Energy Services, a municipal utility, closed its PV rebate program in early February. This program, funded by the Bonneville Power Administration, ended when funding ran out. However, Richland’s loan program for solar energy and energy efficiency is still available.