DELAWARE – DEC Unveils Fresh Renewables Grants
The Delaware Electric Cooperative is offering grants for renewables until the 2012 program budget of $268,979 is exhausted. The 2012 program funds will be allocated primarily to PV projects (70%), followed by geothermal systems (28%) and small wind-energy systems (2%). The PV incentive structure has been revised.

FLORIDA – Utility Offers PV Grants to School
Through the SunSense Schools Program, Progress Energy is offering fully installed PV systems to up to 11 public schools. The application process is competitive, with priority given to schools designated by Progress Energy as Enhanced Hurricane Protection Areas (EHPA)

NEW JERSEY – Out with the Old, in with the New: Solar-Thermal Funds on Tap
The New Jersey Office of Clean Energy WARMAdvantage program offers incentives for residential space heating and water heating systems. Under the current program, solar water heaters which supplement or replace an existing electric water heater are eligible for a $1,200 rebate. However, a recent program update indicates that solar water heating systems that supplement or replace gas water heaters will also be eligible for the incentive beginning February 15, 2012.

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Solar Rebate Program Evolves
The Public Utilities Commission has made several changes to New Hampshire’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar rebate program. First, third-party ownership is now explicitly allowed. Second, the PUC clarified that the 100-kW system cap is 100 kW (DC). Third, the PV incentive for new systems was revised from $1/W (AC) to $0.80/W (DC). Fourth, the incentive for solar-thermal systems was raised to $0.12/kbtu/year for systems with up to 15 collectors. Fifth, results from PV Watts, T-Sol and certain other energy production models will be accepted, in addition to RETScreen. These changes have already taken effect.

OHIO – FirstEnergy Invites SREC Proposals
FirstEnergy is now accepting proposals for long-term SREC contracts. Systems must be eligible for PUCO certification and must be interconnected with an electric utility. Applications are due March 9.

PUERTO RICO – Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Renewables Rebates Vanish
Puerto Rico’s Green Energy Fund provides rebates of up to 60% to homeowners and businesses for PV and small wind. The current application period opened February 1, with more than $4 million. The bad news is that it has already closed! The next round of funding is expected in early July. Interestingly, Puerto Rico’s is the only such program in the United States that requires an application fee.

TEXAS – Houston Takes Green Power Cake
The City of Houston has been crowned the top EPA Green Power Partnership Municipal partner for 2012. Houston has held the number-one position since 2009. As of January 2012, Houston’s green power purchase was 50 MW, or roughly 438 million kWh annually, which accounts for about 35% of annual electricity consumption by city facilities.

WISCONSIN – FOE Rebate Programs Emerge from Hibernation
Focus on Energy has re-opened its energy efficiency rebate programs for 2012, and new programs are also expected to open in April. The renewables rebate programs are delayed, pending the Public Service Commission’s review of eligible technologies. The review process should be complete sometime in the spring.