ARIZONA – SRP Residential PV Rebates Revived
SRP will begin accepting residential PV rebate applications on May 1. The program has enough funding for 12 MW of residential PV for FY 2013, with two incentive step-downs built into the program as more systems come online. (No details yet on SRP’s non-residential PV incentives for FY 2013.) 

ARIZONA – REC Transactions Exempted from Sales Tax
Arizona has exempted solar and wind energy systems from sales tax since 1997. However, the taxability of REC transactions has long been a gray area that the state legislature finally decided to clarify. Fresh legislation (SB 1229) enacted in April clarifies that REC transactions are not subject to the state’s sales tax.

CONNECTICUT – ZREC, LREC Funding to be Announced
Earlier in April, Connecticut approved the state’s two investor-owned utilities’ joint plan to procure RECs from zero-emission and low-emission class I renewables (ZRECs and LRECs). The utilities, UI and CL&P, will issue an RFP soon for 15-year contracts for ZRECs from eligible projects 101 kW – 1 MW and for LRECs from eligible projects up to 2 MW. In addition, the utilities will submit plans to procure ZRECs from smaller projects under a separate standard-offer program.

CONNECTICUT – Interim Rebates for Residential Solar-Thermal Available
While the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority works out the details of a solar-thermal financing program it plans to launch this summer, it has authorized a total of $2.3 million to continue to support solar-thermal rebates for the next few months. Currently, only applications for residential projects are being accepted. Next week, the commercial program will be unveiled.  

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – Solar Thermal Now Eligible for REIP Rebates
Solar-thermal systems now qualify for the District’s Renewable Energy Incentive Program. Residential systems qualify for a rebate of 20% of the installed system cost, with a maximum award of $5,000. Non-residential systems qualify for 15% of installed costs, with a maximum award of $7,000.

FLORIDA – FP&L Trots out New PV Rebates
Florida Power & Light will reopen its PV rebate program on May 3. Approximately $3.3 million in funding will be available to applicants.

FLORIDA – Retro Renewables Tax Credit Reinstated
HB 7117, enacted in April, reinstated Florida’s expired Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit, effective July 1. This credit is equal to $0.01/kWh for electricity generated by solar-thermal, PV, wind, biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal, CHP, hydrogen, tidal, wave or ocean-thermal systems.

ILLINOIS – DG Installer Requirements Under Development
Last summer, Illinois enacted legislation requiring all net-metered systems and all DG systems constructed by Alternative Retail Electric to be installed by certified contractors. The Illinois Commerce Commission has opened a docket to begin formalizing these certification requirements.

MASSACHUSETTS – Commonwealth Solar II Rebates Reach Block 10
Massachusetts’ Commonwealth Solar II Program marches onward, as planned, to the next funding block. Block 10 offers a total of $1.5 M in funding; rebate levels remain the same. The MassCEC indicated in its April 25 “CS Summary Report” that more than 1,400 systems totaling almost 8 MW have been installed under this program during the last two years.

MASSACHUSETTS – Solar-Thermal Construction Grant Funding Available
The Commonwealth Solar Hot Water Commercial Pilot Program is offering a total of $600,000 for construction grants. However, the MassCEC is no longer offering pre-feasibility grants, as enough applications have been received. Residential rebates are also still available.

MASSACHUSETTS – Cambridge Sweetens Pot for Solar Hot Water
The City of Cambridge is offering bonus rebates of up to $2,000 to local citizens slated to receive funding from the MassCEC Solar Hot Water Program. Only business owners or homeowners who conduct an energy audit are eligible – but that’s easy to do, since the Cambridge Energy Alliance offers audits for free! This program is funded by the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant Program of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

MISSOURI – RPS Compliance Reports Hot off the Press
Electric utilities subject to Missouri’s RPS have submitted annual compliance reports. Utilities’ 2011 compliance reports are now available on the PSC’s web site.

OHIO – RPS Compliance Reports Hot off the Press
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is required to submit annual reports to the General Assembly regarding utility compliance with the state’s RPS. The 2012 reports, which cover compliance years 2009 and 2010, are now available on the PUC’s web site.

RHODE ISLAND – FIT Application Window Shuts
The second round of funding under Rhode Island’s feed-in tariff closed April 20, as scheduled. This round supported PV, wind and certain other renewables, with incentive rates varying by technology and system capacity, with a maximum rate of 33.35 cents/kWh. Under the law authorizing this program, National Grid must enter into standard contracts for an aggregate capacity of at least 40 MW by the end of 2014. The next funding round likely will open in August.

TEXAS – Oncor PV Rebate Well Runs Dry
Oncor’s PV rebate program is now closed to new applications. If additional funding becomes available, it will be awarded to eligible applications that are currently in queue.

WEST VIRGINIA – Residents Gain Right to Bear Solar
In March, West Virginia enacted legislation that restricts housing associations from prohibiting solar energy systems on homes, unless members vote to establish such rules. Members of housing associations may also vote to remove any existing rules that prohibit solar energy systems.