CALIFORNIA – Emerging Renewables Program Submerged
California has enacted legislation withdrawing funding for one the state’s oldest incentive programs, and the California Energy Commission has since ceased accepting applications. During the past 14 years, the Emerging Renewables Program has awarded more than $400 million in incentives for renewable energy systems. The program evolved over time, originally providing rebates for PV, before eventually being restricted to small wind turbines.

FLORIDA – OUC Offers Point-of-Sale Solar Rebate
The Orlando Utilities Commission, a municipal utility, is offering residential electric customers a point-of-sale rebate of $1,000 for new solar water-heating systems.

NEW YORK – LIPA Accepting Applications for PV FIT
On July 16, the Long Island Power Authority began accepting applications for its Solar Initiative Feed-in Tariff. The program offers to purchase electricity generated by PV at $0.22/kWh under a standard 20-year contract for systems ranging from 50 kW to 20 MW. The overall program cap is 50 MW, with 5 MW reserved for systems of 50 kW to 150 kW, and 10 MW reserved for systems larger than 150 kW and up to 500 kW. The program will continue until June 30, 2014, or until the program cap is met.

OREGON – Energy Trust Small Wind Incentives Now Based on Performance
Energy Trust of Oregon previously offered a capacity-based incentive for small wind equal to $4,500 per meter or rotor diameter or per kW-DC of installed capacity. This incentive is now based on the turbine’s estimated annual energy output. The program offers $5/kWh for systems with an estimated annual energy output of 9,500 kWh or less and $47,500 plus $1.75/kWh for systems with an estimated annual energy output over 9,500 kWh.

OREGON – Ashland Halves Residential PV Rebate
Ashland Electric Utility offers a rebate program for PV systems. The rebate level for residential systems was recently cut in half, from $1.50/W to $0.75/W.  The non-residential rebate level is still $1/W. Rebates for both types of systems are capped at $7,500 per system.