ALABAMA – State Loan Program Budget Sags
The program budget for AlabamaSAVES, a revolving loan fund for energy efficiency and renewables, has dropped from $60 million to $50 million.

FLORIDA – Progress Energy Solar Rebate Budgets Boosted
The annual budget for Progress Energy’s SunSense Residential Solar PV Rebate Program has increased from $1 million to $1.9 million, while the annual budget for the utility’s SunSense Commercial Solar PV Rebate Program was raised from $1 million to $1.3 million. The 2013 application period for both rebate programs will open October 1, 2012

ILLINOIS – Solar, Wind Rebates Resurrected
Illinois’s Solar and Wind Rebate Program will reopen September 24. Incentive levels for all technologies and sectors are lower than 2011 program levels, and the maximum rebate award has dropped to $10,000.

ILLINIOS – Energy-Procurement Plan Brewing
The Illinois Power Agency has released its 2013 Draft Procurement Plan for investor-owned electric utilities. The plan, which addresses conventional electricity and renewables, covers Energy Year 2014 through Energy Year 2018. Public comments were accepted through September 14; the final plan will be posted by September 28.  Solar Renewable Energy Credits.   Renewable Portfolio Standard. 

LOUISIANA – Solar, Wind Tax Credit Under Review
The Louisiana Department of Revenue is in the process of amending the rules regarding the state’s income tax credit for solar and wind energy systems. The public comment period is open until September 26; afterward, the Department of Revenue will hold a public hearing on the amendments.

MARYLAND – Grants Extended to Larger Solar-Thermal Systems
The Maryland Energy Administration has increased the maximum system size for solar water heaters under the state’s Commercial Clean Energy Grant Program from 500 square feet of collector area to 1,200 square feet of collector area. The incentive remains unchanged at $10 per square foot of collector area, with a maximum incentive of $5,000, for systems with at least 250 square feet of collector area.

MARYLAND – Incentives Cooked up for Clean-Burning Wood Stoves
The Maryland Energy Administration now offers grants for clean-burning wood stoves under the state’s Residential Clean Energy Grant Program. The program is offering a flat grant of $400 for stick-burning wood stoves and $600 for pellet-burning wood stoves that meet program eligibility requirements.

NEW HAMPSHIRE – PUC Clarifies Major Reduction in Solar-Electric ACP Rate
The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission has clarified that the drastically reduced alternative compliance payment rate for solar electricity under the state’s RPS will actually take effect January 1, 2013. (Previously, the PUC had indicated that the new rate took effect June 19, 2012.) Legislation (S.B. 218) enacted in June 2012 significantly modified the state’s RPS. Among other changes, this law created a new thermal carve-out and changed the ACP rates for three of the four classes of renewables included in the RPS. The ACP rate for new solar-electric resources was reduced by 67% — from $168.13/MWh to $55/MWh.

OREGON – Consumers Power Solar Rebates Gobbled up
Consumers Power, a cooperative utility, offers modest rebates for residential PV and solar water-heating systems. The budget for 2012 had been fully subscribed, and the program is currently closed. However, the co-op is still accepting rebate applications and may award rebates on a case-by-case basis.