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MASSACHUSETTS – Interconnection Process Refreshed
The Massachusetts DPU issued an order March 13 establishing a timeline and an interim enforcement mechanism for the interconnection of DG systems. The order also addresses screens for the three basic paths of interconnection and insurance requirements for government entities. 

MONTANA – Tiny Utilities Exempted from RPS
Montana has enacted legislation (SB 164) exempting public utilities serving 50 or fewer customers from the state’s RPS requirements.

NEVADA – PV Rebates on the Horizon
NV Energy has announced it will accept applications for its 2013 SolarGenerations Program from April 22 through May 17. The program budget for this round will support an aggregate total of 5.6 MW of PV projects in southern Nevada and an aggregate total of 8.8 MW of projects in northern Nevada. Winners will be determined by lottery. 

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Co-Op Resurrects PV Rebates
New Hampshire Electric Co-op is offering rebates for residential, grid-tied PV systems. The rebate is equal to 20% of the installed cost of the system, with a maximum award of $2,500. Funding is available in 2013 on a first-come, first-served basis.

NEW JERSEY – BPU Rejects New Incentives for Large Net-Metered Solar
Among the numerous provisions included in S.B. 1925, enacted in July 2012, was a section requiring the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to investigate whether incentives in addition to SRECs were needed to support net-metered commercial and industrial solar facilities 3 MW or larger. Earlier this month, the BPU issued an order concluding that additional incentives are unnecessary, thereby declining to adopt such a program.

NEW YORK – LIPA Tweaks PV Incentives
LIPA has introduced a slight variation on its newly redesigned up-front incentive program for PV installations. There is now a separate category for residential not-for-profit PV systems, which are eligible for the normal not-for-profit, government, and school incentive rate of $2.25/W CEC-AC, but only up to $22,500 instead of $225,000.

VERMONT – Renewables Rebates up for Grabs
Vermont’s Small-Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program has re-opened, with new incentive levels for the 2013 program year. Reservation forms will be accepted for PV, solar water heating and wind-energy systems until all funding has been reserved.

VIRGINIA – Solar Rights Clarified (Barely)
Virginia has enacted legislation (HB 2305) clarifying that community associations may establish reasonable restrictions concerning the size, place, and manner of placement of solar-energy systems “on property designated and intended for individual ownership and use.”

VIRGINA – Renewables Goal Massaged  
Legislation recently enacted in Virginia (HB 2180 and SB 1259) requires renewable energy to be generated — not purchased – in Virginia in order to qualify for the state’s non-binding renewables goal. In addition, power purchase agreements entered into after July 1, 2013, transfer ownership of RECs to the participating utility.

VIRGINIA – Net Metering Extended to Agricultural Renewables
A new law in Virginia (HB 1695) will extend net metering to agricultural customers of investor-owned utilities and electric cooperatives. These programs must take effect by July 1, 2014, for customers of investor-owned utilities and by July 1, 2015, for customers of electric cooperatives.

VIRGINIA – 3rd-Party PPA Pilot Program Brewing
A new law (SB 1023) directs Virginia’s State Corporation Commission to conduct a pilot program for third-party power purchase agreements, with an aggregate program capacity limit of 50 MW.