Source: Bloomberg BNA
Occupational Safety and Health Reporter
By Rebecca Kern and Bruce Rolfsen
April 9, 2015

PV powered townhome
Image: NREL/Dennis Schroeder
The president’s new  goal to train 75,000 solar workers by 2020 “builds upon the  tremendous progress of DOE’s SunShot Initiative’s Solar Instructor Training Network,” according to the Whitehouse. The SITN, of which IREC is national administrator, has partnered with 400 community colleges across the country, has trained more than 1,000 certified solar instructors, and approximately 30,000 students nationwide since its creation five years ago.
Safety Training 
Joe Sarubbi, IREC’s project manager for the SITN, told Bloomberg BNA April 8 that worker safety is an integral part of any quality solar education training, including the special solar training program just launched for veterans.  The specific safety components depends on how experienced students are with electrical and construction work and the jobs for which they are preparing.

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