Jon WellinghoffThe Power Industry Transformation Summit will bring together regulators, utilities, energy consumers and the distributed generation, energy storage, micogrid and smart grid communities to explore new opportunities and develop solutions to challenges facing the industry.

April 1-3
Marine’s Memorial Club & Hotel
San Francisco, CA

On April 1, Joe Wiedman, Keyes, Fox & Wiedman LLP, will be on a pre-summit executive forum panel with VoteSolar’s Adam Browning: “Surmounting the Challenges, Constraints and Bottlenecks: What Will it Take?”

John Wellinghoff, Partner, Stoel Rives LLP and former FERC Chairman, is the keynote speaker.

The major themes for the Summit:

  • What impact will distributed generation and its supporting technologies have on the electric power industry in the near- and long-term? How will they drive future industry transition?
  • What will the future of the industry look like? What is the end-game?
  • What regulatory framework will be needed to support this future and how will it be brought about?
  • What are the regulatory, technical and business issues that need to be worked out and settled among industry players, regulators and other stakeholders? How can this be facilitated?
  • What market realignments will be set in motion?
  • How does each of the industry segments tap into the opportunities created by the changes?


IREC is a participating organization for the 2014 Power Industry Transformation Summit.