Monday October 17, 2011, in Dallas, Texas, Solar Power International

Hyatt Regency, Reunion Blvd.

Rooms Reunion AB

IREC’s Annual Meetings always zero in on pivotal issues that affect IREC members, state and industry audiences.  The day-long gathering of friends, colleagues and well-known influencers will discuss compelling trends and share best practices in the renewable energy and energy efficiency space.

Final Agenda

“IREC has been at this for nearly 30 years,” said IREC’s Executive Director, Jane Weissman.  “Success in the regulatory arena, creating an infrastructure to build and train the clean energy workforce, publishing in-depth PV market data–this kind of work is endemic to the IREC culture.  The entire IREC team is one passionately, dedicated group.”

2011 marks the fifth year in a row that IREC has co-located its annual meeting at Solar Power International, because the depth and content of our work harmonizes well with the SPI audience.

IREC member and good friend, Karl Rabago, Vice President for Distributed Generation at Austin Energy, will be the keynote presenter.  IREC team members, as well as key DOE program updates are on the agenda.  We’ll wrap up the day with an ‘open-mike’ interactive session, inviting input, conversation and comment from attendees.

IREC’s Annual Updates & Trends Report will be distributed, and the winner of IREC’s Innovation and Special Recognition Awards will be announced.


Thanks to our very generous sponsors for our 2011 Annual Meeting


Encourager:  $5,000

Booster:  $2,500


Friends:  $1,000



Ally:  $500