Kristen is Lead Assessor for Training  & Development.   She’s been both an applicant for an IREC Credential, and she’s an IREC ISPQRegistered Assessor.  In 2009, she developed Solar PV and Solar Thermal programs that were then accredited by IREC.  Kristen has also created training programs for technical sales representatives and educational seminars for consumers.

Kristen works primarily with IREC’s ISPQ Registered assessors to recruit, train and mentor both the new and more seasoned members of the team. Her work is part of continuing efforts to raise the bar for quality assessments for the Credentialing Program.  Kristen has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has experience in instructional design, curriculum development and experiential education.  Prior to entering the renewable energy industry, she spent five years in the classroom teaching high school math in Baltimore and in West Africa.

Kristen and husband, Peter, have a 2.2 kW PV system on the roof of their house (Kristen installed it in 2011).  “It produces almost 100% of what we use.  Or at least it did, until Baby Ryan arrived.”