45SeeYouInSeptemberSolar Power International is always a great gathering of industry leaders and newcomers, improvements on trusted products alongside the latest technology, and the most current information about solar market trends and challenges.

Once again, IREC is a proud SPI Partner Organization, bringing SPI attendees the expertise they have come to expect at the IREC 3iForum – Information, Innovation and Inspiration.

Best of all, we’ve wrapped our full program into one day, Tuesday, September 13. I hope you’ll make time to sit in on our 30-minute insight sessions. You’ll find our independent thought leaders in the SPI Industry Trends Booth #171 beginning at 11a.m. and running through much of the afternoon.

You’ll hear about the latest best practices for interconnection to the grid, about solar for multi-tenant buildings, and about new consumer protection tools we hope the industry will help us put into the hands of consumers going solar. We’ll also tell you about a brand new nationwide initiative that affects us all – how we’re helping to get more fire fighters trained to be more prepared when answering an emergency at a structure with PV panels. The full schedule and session descriptions are included in this newsletter.

What else is new for SPI?

On WednesdaySeptember 14 at 11:30 a.m. (Industry Trends Booth #171), there’s a special session to help electric utility industry HR managers sleep at night. IREC joins the Electric Power Research Institute to talk about the GEARED program (Grid Engineering for Accelerated Renewable Energy Deployment), a U.S. DOE initiative for which IREC is the national administrator. Attendees will gain important insight about recruiting and retaining the next generation of power engineers.

Also look for GEARED in the education corridor (open to all attendees), where two professional posters highlight how the program is working with universities, industry and government to build a skilled power generation workforce for the 21st century grid.

On the important issue of low-income solar, IREC Regulatory Director Sara Baldwin Auck sits on an expert panel Tuesday (September 13) at 11 a.m. in room N247, part of the SPI general education program. An interactive discussion is expected to explore the opportunities, challenges and proven policy solutions to unlocking low-income access to solar.

Finally, one of the highlights of SPI is always our annual national 3iAwards ceremony, this year on Tuesday September 13 from 4:30 to 5 p.m., also in the Industry Trends Booth. If you are at SPI, please join us as we honor the extraordinary people, projects and programs that were nominated by many of you, our colleagues, with final selections determined by more than 1,000 online voters. There were so many great choices this year. We’re very excited to announce the 2016 award winners. (It’s always a well-kept secret!)

I hope to see you in Las Vegas!

Image: https://www.discogs.com