By Laure-Jeanne Davignon
January 2012 

Have you recently changed jobs? Wonder what might happen to your existing IREC ISPQ Certified Affiliated Instructor or Certified Affiliated Master Trainer status? Glad you asked.

A quick check of the IREC ISPQ Candidate Handbook (Section 6.9) reminds us that by definition, an IREC ISPQ Certified Affiliated Instructor or Certified Affiliated Master Trainer must be employed by or be a contractor with an IREC ISPQ Accredited Training Program or Accredited Continuing Education Provider, or a Certified Independent Master Trainer. As a result of this, if you either voluntarily or involuntarily leave employment or a contract position with an IREC ISPQ-recognized employer, your IREC ISPQ status will become “inactive.”  You cannot claim to be actively IREC ISPQ Certified and must note, whenever using the IREC ISPQ mark/designation or making any statements about IREC ISPQ status, that your Certified status is “inactive” pending appropriate employment. No mark designation can be used while inactive, and it is important to inform IREC of your status change within 60 days.

When you start working for another IREC ISPQ-recognized employer, let us know the good news! Provide a letter on letterhead signed by your new employer verifying your hire and their acceptance of responsibility for your administrative and management quality. At this point, your new employer will also be responsible for your annual fees. It’s important to remember that an “inactive” period does not halt your certification time period. Re-activating the Certification status reinstates your certification within the original five-year time period of your award. If your Certification status enters a renewal period while you are “inactive,” you may pay a $25 holding fee to maintain inactive status for another year, and renew your Certification once you are employed by an IREC ISPQ-recognized employer. Otherwise, your Certification will lapse.

Check the official IREC ISPQ Candidate Handbook for details, or if you still have questions or need more information, call us at   (518) 621-7379.