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December: The ISPQ Insider Year-in-Review

November:  IREC releases new Draft Standard for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Certificate Program; invites public comment 

October:  Want to know how to apply for an IREC ISPQ credential:   Check out the new ISPQ video  

September:  It’s a new look for IREC’s ISPQ

August:  From teacher to student: what we learn from each other, a conversation with Chris Williams, HeatSpring Learning Institute, about the ever- shifting training landscape

July:  It’s summertime: what’s in your ISPQ beach bag?

June: If it’s June, it must be Job Task Analyses, all the time…

May:  Energy Efficiency Curriculae: where it all started

April: Standards and job tasks analyses: rock bottom fundamentals for quality training

March:  ISPQ Credentialing: a foundation for training

February:  Credentials 101: what are they and why do they matter?