Strategic Planning ComponentsThe industry-value of the IREC Credential is indisputable.  It is a hard-earned, distinguished mark of quality and the commitment to continuously improve. But the process of earning that mark of excellence – the organizational value of applying for the credential – is frequently overlooked.

Credential holders have time and again reported to IREC the importance of preparing to meet the rigorous IREC standard. Taking time out of our everyday schedules to examine what we do, document how we do it, and plan where we need to go is neither a simple nor inconsequential task.  The beauty of the IREC standard is that it illustrates high-quality clean energy training, as defined by the industry, in fourteen pages. If you are willing to do the work to understand and comply with the requirements of the standard, your students can be assured of engaging and relevant training; your personnel will be aligned with and fulfill your vision; and your organization will be better prepared to meet the challenges of our competitive marketplace.

Each requirement of an IREC Standard is crafted with a purpose. Together, these requirements paint a picture of a highly-functioning training organization (01023) or an inimitably effective and dedicated trainer (01024). Read about how meeting the essential elements of IREC Standard 01023 below can help elevate the quality and value of your organization.

Content & Delivery – It’s not just about slides. And this isn’t the last class you will offer. True value is found in identifying the process you use to develop and maintain organized, current, relevant and teach-able content. How do you actively solicit feedback from stakeholders, and then use it to improve instruction? Is there a defined curriculum for the program and syllabus for each course? (Is now the time to learn more about instructional design??) What processes do you use to evaluate student learning?

Training-related Personnel – Your personnel is the face of your organization.  Do you have competencies and responsibilities in writing for all personnel? How do you ensure that your personnel stays current with new technologies and methods? Investing in qualified personnel, keeping them trained, and communicating to them safety and other organizational policies and procedures pays huge dividends in the learning environment.

Organizational Goals – What does quality look like in your organization? How much better could you be if this vision was shared with and understood by all personnel? What will you do after you earn the IREC credential – how will you continue to improve all aspects of the program? Do you have a plan to consistently offer high-quality training despite unforeseen changes? The clean energy landscape is constantly evolving. Plan to plan and be a leader in our industry.

Policies & Procedures – Yes, it takes time to get these unwritten items codified and ingrained in personnel, but it is worth it beyond measure. And because things change, your Ps & Ps should, too. Students seek to enroll in an organization that runs smoothly and delivers on promises.  Plan to regularly review your policies to make any necessary changes.

The product has value: an IREC Credential is truly something that will attract attention in our developing industry. Value the process.  Take a hard look at your organization and where you need to document, communicate, build, revise, or create in order to lead your organization to the next level.  What are you waiting for?

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