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Across the U.S., more than 150 training providers and trainers credentialed by IREC are doing their part to grow the clean energy economy. They offer or teach high quality courses that prepare students for real clean energy jobs. They collaborate with industry partners to ensure training reflects current and safe practices. And they focus on learner-centered instruction (see Kristen Ferguson’s fine article on this topic.)

Since IREC’s new standards were published in 2013, accredited training organizations are demonstrating that they have verified transfer of knowledge, and that students can perform the needed tasks for clean energy jobs, through valid and reliable testing. Yes. Testing. Those exams, quizzes and finals that we all remember so fondly from our halcyon school days. Turns out testing isn’t just a convenient torture device for unwitting pupils. Rather, it is a crucial key to demonstrating that quality training results in graduates who are better equipped to successfully perform clean energy jobs.

Training organizations are already working on this important connection between quality instruction and a dependable workforce. And IREC continues to do our part.

Just published by IREC is All About Assessments: Guidance for Applicants for the IREC Credential, designed for potential applicants and credential holders to learn more about testing, and how to get started. It can also help programs that already test, by helping them build on how they gather feedback about individual student learning, and how to use assessment outcomes for program evaluation and improvements.

Also new this month, IREC has made improvements to its application forms for all credentials, in response to your requests for greater clarity around some of the more challenging responses required. You can see the text of the new applications on the IREC website, or access them in the online Credentialing Management System (CMS), if you are ready to apply.

As the leaves change and school resumes, we’re gearing up for another busy conference season. If your travels bring you to 2014 Solar Power International next month in Las Vegas, join IREC for our 3iForum, three days of 30-minute sessions from IREC’s thought leaders as they share their clean energy insights right on the exhibit floor, including a number of sessions on building a quality workforce and why credentialing matters. The complete schedule is on the IREC website. And please join us as we honor IREC’s 2014 3iAward winners – including the IREC Accredited Clean Energy Training Provider of the Year and IREC Certified Clean Energy Trainer of the Year – at the Solar Central booth #4920, 4 p.m. PT on Tuesday, October 21.

Presenting, exhibiting and networking at conferences gives IREC the opportunity to connect with stakeholders, explain the importance of the IREC credential, and provide a platform to recognize the significance of your hard-earned credential.

It takes time to help industry recognize that the work you do makes their jobs easier, and helps keep their training costs lower. We are in it for the long haul.

We’re doing our part. How can we help you?


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