IREC will have two new standards in effect starting this fall. Over the last year, IREC has revised IREC Standard 01022, which is used for assessment by the IREC Credentialing Program. This has resulted in two new standards, one for the accreditation of training providers and one for the certification of instructors and master trainers. Both will be released in early fall and will be adopted for these IREC credentials. This revision process was undertaken to be consistent with best practices, to increase the value of credentials issued, and to keep the standard current with industry trends.

If you or your organization is thinking of applying or in the process of applying for an IREC credential, here are some important dates to understand. The final day to have an application accepted by IREC under IREC Standard 01022 is September 30, 2013. Please note that application acceptance is based on the submission of an application which is deemed materially complete by IREC. Applicants should not wait to submit their application until the cutoff date.

All applications submitted after October 15, 2013 will be assessed according to the requirements of the new standards. In addition, applicants submitting after October 15 will be required to file online using the IREC Credentialing Management System. Paper applications will no longer be accepted.

IREC is currently accepting public comments on the content of the training provider and instructor standards. We strongly encourage all stakeholders to take advantage of this opportunity to weigh in on the Standards and offer your input on the requirements for quality training programs and instructors for the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry.

Provide your comments about the training provider standard here.
Provide your comments about the instructor and master trainer standard here.

Questions? Contact the IREC Credentialing Program: [email protected], (518) 621-7379.