question answer signYour Questions about the New Annual Report Answered by IREC

Back in November, we hosted two webinars for IREC credential holders to explain new requirements for annual reporting. Our credential holders asked some good questions.

If you’re an IREC credential holder, and you have questions about complying with the requirements of the new annual report, contact the credentialing team at 518.621.7379, or by email. [hr]

Q: The new annual maintenance forms are a lot more comprehensive than last year’s. What gives?

A: The new forms allow you to demonstrate continued compliance with all requirements of the standard. The standard was revised in September 2013 to include the requirements with which you are familiar, as well as some new content which reflects the evolution of the industry. Adoption of the new standards, and use of the new annual report are ways that IREC keeps consistent with best practices for credentialing bodies.  The end result is a more valuable credential for you and one that can withstand the scrutiny of stakeholders, who want to know that your status has value in the marketplace.

Remember that in many cases, you respond to the question only if something has changed in the last year. During this transition year, you will also need to respond to requirements of the standard that are new.

Q: There is a lot in the new Training Provider standard about competency requirements for our personnel. What does this mean, and how can I respond?

A: Section 10.3 of the Training Provider standard highlights a critical component of your training: the qualifications of your personnel. The requirements ask that you have defined the knowledge and skills required for all personnel involved with training, with additional focus on those who serve in key roles. Evidence will include documentation that outlines your organization’s requirements for personnel, and ensures that these competency requirements are adhered to in the hiring and staff development process. While reviewing resumes against these requirements is part of the hiring process, staff resumes are not competency requirements and therefore do not fulfill the requirement.

Q: Why is IREC asking for samples of my use of the credential mark?

A: It’s been our experience over the years that acceptable mark use is often misunderstood, resulting in unintended violations of IREC’s Mark Use Policy. We ask you to demonstrate how you use the credential mark in the annual report so we can work with you on any potential violations of the Mark Use Policy.

Q: What if I don’t currently meet one of the new requirements in the standard? Will I lose my credential?

A: If your annual report uncovers a nonconformity to the new standard, you will be given the opportunity to submit a corrective action plan, with time line, to address it.  As long as your corrective action plan is accepted by IREC, and all other Program policies are adhered to, your credential will remain in good standing.

Q: What happens if I do not file the Annual Report or pay the Annual Fee by my anniversary date?

A: This is a violation of IREC Credentialing Program policy and could result in suspension or ultimately, revocation of your credential. Annual maintenance is an important part of ensuring that the IREC credential continues to have value through your five-year award. We appreciate your cooperation in completing requirements before your anniversary date so that you continue to hold the credential you worked so hard to earn. You will receive several reminders!

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