Community solar programs, also known as shared solar programs, enable multiple customers to participate in and share the economic benefits of a solar energy system. IREC has been at the helm of the U.S. community and shared renewable energy growth since the launch of the first few programs, helping to lay the foundation for best practice program and policy design, while also supporting the extensive growth underway across markets. Through state-level regulatory engagement, IREC helps states adopt and implement best practice programs designed to benefit consumers.

Community Solar Basics, our new handy guide to the basic mechanics of creating healthy community solar programs, includes seven crucial policies and design elements, checklists and resources ideal for state or community-based programs like yours.

Those seven policies include:

  1. Stakeholder processes
  2. Program goals and best practice design criteria
  3. Bill credit allocation mechanism
  4. Interconnection procedures
  5. Financing mechanisms
  6. Education and outreach
  7. Consumer protection

To learn more about our new guide, download it here.