Filming Joe Sarubbi and Jim Rogers on Martha's Vineyard for rooftop solar

Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful backdrop – for a vacation or for filming an inspection of a PV system. Last month, Joe Sarubbi, IREC technical education, training and workforce development specialist, was onsite with electrical inspector, IAEI educator, and “film star” Jim Rogers. The two were shooting new training footage that will revamp IREC’s renowned PV Online Training (PVOT) course.

This inspection of a residential microinverter system is one of four videos that represent different system types in several areas of the country. Fullers Energy installed the rooftop system featured in this video. They are also known for their installation of large dual axis tracker systems with salt water storage. The new, more engaging PVOT, designed to meet the needs of a diverse audience of new and experienced code officials, will feature cutting edge video and more interactive sessions.

“We are aiming for a “This Old House” feel where the viewer can learn along side Joe, as our experienced inspector guides us through the finer points of an inspection,” says Kristen Ferguson, IREC’s associate director of training.

Stay tuned for details about the other system types to be featured in video shoots in North Carolina, Illinois, and California. Watch for the new PVOT in 2018.