SCMscreenMain2The United States solar market continues its dazzling story, shattering all previous quarterly solar photovoltaic (PV) installation records. According to the recent Solar Foundation’s Solar Jobs Census, solar employment increased by more than 51,000 workers, a 25 percent increase over 2015. Overall, the Census found there were more than 260,000 solar workers in 2016.

Clearly, solar offers a diverse range of opportunities for new and incumbent workers. Our dynamic Solar Career Map features the expanding universe of solar-energy occupations. It describes more than 60 diverse job routes across the industry within and across four sectors, charting possible progression between them, and identifies the experience and credentials necessary to do them well.

Central to the new career mapping tool is a series of compelling videos with solar instructors and other professionals who describe jobs, skills, credentials and education across a variety of solar careers.

Designed to demonstrate the breadth of the solar industry and its critical occupations, as well as the necessity for integrated solar training in a variety of related fields, the Solar Career Map emerged from a simple vision: high-quality work and high-quality jobs are the key to building a robust, high-quality solar industry.

Find out how you can become part of the growing solar workforce.