the big microcredential trend imageCreating a micro-credential for specific leadership skills is new territory, as professions across industries begin to look for new, third-party validation of the specific expertise and training they value. Building on its unique experience creating clean energy micro-credentials, IREC has stepped outside the clean energy space to create its first micro-credential in another arena.

IREC’s workforce development experts are currently working with long-time partner the National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI) to create a leadership micro-credential and the associated training for its Certified Apartment Maintenance Technicians (CAMT). This builds on previous work done for NAAEI on a micro-credential and training for these same technicians that addresses add-on skills for energy efficiency.

“We are pleased to work with our partners at NAAEI on this exciting new project, which enters new ground for IREC’s workforce operation,” says Kristen Ferguson, IREC’s associate director of training and lead on the project. “We are eager to apply IREC’s work on technical credentials and training development to the area of leadership, whether within or outside of clean energy.”

A group of subject matter experts will be convened by the NAAEI and IREC in September in Virginia to provide input on the credential and training, with a launch planned for early 2019.

Micro-credential (def.): a high-quality, third-party validation of competency in a specialty area, meeting industry needs with a rigorous yet nimble, stackable and cost-effective credential.

Image: meetingsnet