IREC’s Credentialing Program has released a new version of its Candidate Handbook.

The Candidate Handbook serves as a primary resource for those who are applying for or have been awarded an IREC credential.

As the IREC Credentialing Program grows, continuous updates and improvements are made to address questions and feedback from candidates and to support a high quality assessment process.

Current updates include:

  • Fee update: base fee for IREC Accredited Certificate Program applications is $3,500;
  • Clarification that extension of the IREC application term of candidacy, if requested, may result in additional charges to the candidate;
  • New policy: Instructor or Master Trainer candidates may only address up to two job task analyses/technologies per application, unless previously approved by IREC; and
  • Additional clarification regarding Annual Reports filed after the credential anniversary date. Specifically, IREC reserves the right to suspend (one month after anniversary date) or revoke (two months after anniversary date) a credential if annual maintenance requirements are not fulfilled.

Download the Candidate Handbook