In a new endeavor, IREC has just partnered with the Institute for Building and Technology Safety (IBTS) to carry out a solar training and inspection project funded by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC).

IREC and IBTS will conduct five live solar permitting and inspection training sessions for code officials across Massachusetts – targeting Solarize Mass communities and other Mass CEC project areas. IBTS, a major third-party solar system inspector in the U.S., will provide inspection of selected Solarize MA systems and other PV systems related to Mass CEC programs.

“We’ll be leveraging our experience and the data collected from our work with the STEP project (Solar Training and Education for Professionals), specifically on solar permitting plan review,” says IREC Director of Workforce Development Laure-Jeanne Davignon. “We’re looking forward to working with both of these great partners.”

“IBTS is pleased to partner with IREC to better educate code officials in Massachusetts on solar plan review and inspection best practices,” says Richard Lawrence, IBTS program director of energy, sustainability and resilience. “IREC’s code official training experience and curriculum design expertise will perfectly complement the lessons IBTS has learned from inspecting thousands of photovoltaic systems across the country.”

A project pilot is slated for March 2018 west of Boston.