Up Front with Kristen Ferguson

eLearning Can Advance Your Clean Energy Career—Here’s What Makes It Effective

The realistic, flexible, and self-driven nature of online training options makes them an excellent way to take your career to the next level. Kristen Ferguson, IREC’s Director of Training and Development, specializes in course design and creating effective training for

Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks?

By Kristen Ferguson As in nature, so in life: everything, including us, is in a perpetual state of change. Accept that, and anything’s possible. For the past year, IREC has teamed up with the Weatherization Training Network’s Trainers Consortium for

You and IREC – Setting the Standard for Quality

While IREC oversaw the standards development process, according to established procedures, the content represents what you, our peers in the clean energy industry, define as a high-quality training provider and an exceptional instructor.

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Kristen Ferguson
About Kristen Ferguson

As Manager of Assessor Training & Development for the IREC Credentialing Program, Kristen leads the working group of industry professionals on the revision of IREC Standard 01022.


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