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Credentials to Value: Talking about the Intangible

According to market research conducted by the Shelton Group, 80 percent of Americans don’t think they use more energy today than they did five years ago, and about half think their homes are already energy efficient. As misguided as this perception may be, it certainly throws a wrench in the works when trying to sell consumers on energy efficient products or retrofit work.

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We’ll do our part

Across the US, more than 150 training providers and trainers credentialed by IREC are doing their part to grow the clean energy economy. They offer or teach high quality courses that prepare students for real clean energy jobs. They collaborate with industry partners to ensure training reflects current and safe practices. And they focus on learner-centered instruction.

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But are there jobs?

In a July 8 news release, the National Association of Counties (NACo) cited the workforce skills gap as THE top barrier to economic development in the U.S. With the national unemployment rate still hovering over 6 percent (and much higher in some areas), this is a sobering observation. NACo’s release focuses on collaboration as a key to this conundrum, and IREC couldn’t agree more.

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Finding Our Way… How New Roadmap Leads to Value for All

Four-hundred-billion dollars (that’s $400 billion!) spent on energy in U.S. buildings per year. Two years of work. Fifty-four organizations. One-hundred-twenty-five recommendations. These numbers only tell part of the story.

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What YOU Need to Know About IREC’s Updated Standards

IREC will have two new standards in effect starting this fall: one for the accreditation of training providers and one for the certification of instructors and master trainers.

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IREC Earns National Mark of Distinction through ANSI Accreditation

Did you notice IREC’s July 11 news release regarding our accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a developer of American national standards? Do you know what this means?

Laure-Jeanne Davignon
About Laure-Jeanne Davignon

Laure-Jeanne serves as Director of Credentialing Program, assisting with management and expansion to serve the weatherization and home energy retrofit communities.


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