Up Front with Mari Hernandez

2020 Clean Energy States Honor Roll

This year’s Clean Energy States Honor Roll notes states to keep an eye on in the year to come for more promising developments in 2020 and beyond.

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Top 5 Criteria for a Winning State Shared Renewables Program

How can states create a community solar program that benefits more consumers and their communities? In this blog, we bring together our top five list so states can learn from policies in place in other states – to ensure that new programs are the best they can be – for all consumers!

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How New Grid Transparency Tools Are Improving Distributed Generation Siting

Now that numerous states and utilities have adopted grid transparency tools that enable customers to get information about the grid at a particular point of interconnection in order to help inform future interconnection applications, the question is: how well are they working? Exactly what are these tools, and what are the stakeholder experiences using them to get distributed renewable energy projects connected to the grid faster, cheaper and easier?

Mari Hernandez
About Mari Hernandez

As IREC’s Assistant Director, Regulatory Program, Mari tracks regulatory policy research and analysis and supports IREC’s state and national regulatory efforts.


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