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Technology Advancements Alone Won’t Bring Energy Storage to Market – Regulatory Reform is Equally Important

It is widely recognized that distributed energy storage can offer a host of benefits to utilities, storage customers and ratepayers. It is particularly true that energy storage has enormous potential to ease the integration of high levels of renewable energy onto the electric grid. However, as it stands today, the regulatory and market policies in the electricity sector are not yet positioned to enable energy storage developers and customers to deploy the technology in a manner that ensures access to the full range of benefits it can offer.

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Group Studies Move Beyond the Classroom and into the Interconnection Process

Group study projects may bring to mind student days, when a small group worked together to distribute the workload. It increased study efficiency, and sped up the research review process. A decision announced last week by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is born from a similar need – to streamline, distribute the work (and costs) of connecting to the grid, and ultimately to save time.

Renewable Energy Regulation: Follow the Leader

Last week, we saw an important shift in interconnection policy as the federal Small Generator Interconnection Procedures (SGIP) were updated for the first time since their initial adoption in 2005. We have been working for nearly two years to build stakeholder consensus at FERC on the changes adopted last week, which follow the example set by leading states such as California, Hawaii and Massachusetts. It is a monumental accomplishment, symbolically and substantively.

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Sky Stanfield
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Sky is a partner with Shute, Mihaly, Weinberger, attorneys for IREC. Her practice focuses on the intersection between renewable energy regulation and environmental and land use law, with a particular focus on regulatory policy implementation, compliance and permitting processes.


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