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Licensing (General) Kansas does not offer contractor licenses at the state level; check with local municipality. Electric code: NEC 2008 edition Reciprocity: None  


Licensing (general) Check local  municipality for licensing requirements. Reciprocity: None Resources:  Indiana Professional Licensing Agency website


Licensing (General) A contractor must possess the general license that is appropriate to the type of solar device being installed.  Installers of a solar water heater or a photovoltaic device shall possess an appropriate contractor’s license.   A contractor must qualify


Licensing Electrical Contractor Contractors must be registered with the Department of Community & Economic Development and must also be, or have in their employ, a person currently licensed as an electrical administrator. Electrician The Department of Labor and Workforce Development


Licensing Electrical Contractor Persons applying for statewide electrical contractor examination must demonstrate a minimum of four (4) years experience that show that you have designed, planned, laid out, and directly supervised electrical construction activities and the installing of electrical components.

Puerto Rico

Licensing (PV) In order to become an EAA-Certified PV Installer, applicants must: Be a licensed professional electrician or electrical engineer (with proper, up-to-date credentials); AND provide proof that he/she has taken and passed at least 30 hours of specified PV


Wyoming does not have specialized licensing for photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Licensing (PV) Installers of these systems must be a Wyoming licensed electrical master, journeyman, or apprentice employed by a licensed Wyoming electrical contractor. The state electrical inspector enforces


Licensing (PV) If unique additional building loads are created by the addition of a solar heating system on a commercial building, which would include the movement or use of water, or the addition of weighted assemblies, building plans may be

West Virginia

Licensing (PV) An electrical license is not required for installing the PV system, however, an electrical license is required to make the final determinations into the electrical grid of the structure.  At minimum, a single family electrical license is required

District of Columbia

Licensing (PV) Electrical contractors are required to hold an electrician’s license. Building permits are required for installations. Applicants for master and journeyman licenses are required to pass an examination prior to licensure. Licensing (Solar thermal) Plumbers/gasfitters are required to hold a

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