Licensing Electrical Contractor Persons applying for statewide electrical contractor examination must demonstrate a minimum of four (4) years experience that show that you have designed, planned, laid out, and directly supervised electrical construction activities and the installing of electrical components.

Puerto Rico

Licensing (PV) In order to become an EAA-Certified PV Installer, applicants must: Be a licensed professional electrician or electrical engineer (with proper, up-to-date credentials); AND provide proof that he/she has taken and passed at least 30 hours of specified PV


Licensing (General) You must be a licensed contractor to install solar systems in Utah. Education requirements: To become a licensed solar contractor in Utah, an installer must have a minimum of two years of experience as an employee of a


Licensing (PV) A state electrical contractor license is required for any company in the business of installing, erecting, repairing or altering electrical systems, or apparatus used for electrical light, heat, power or signaling. Person(s) performing the PV electrical installation for


Pennsylvania does not issue a contractor’s license at the state level. Please check with local municipality to see if a license is required.  


Licensing (General) The state only has jurisdiction over commercial buildings in Ohio.  Residential buildings are regulated by the local building departments. Licensing (PV – Commercial) If the solar panel is being used strictly for energy purposes, it would only require

North Carolina

Licensing (PV) NCGS 87-43 requires that a license as an electrical contractor be obtained by any person “… engaging or offering to engage in the business of installing, maintaining, altering or repairing any electric work wiring devices, appliances or equipment.”

New York

Licensing (PV)  New York State does not issue license at state level.  Licensure is regulated at county level. Licensing (Solar thermal) New York State does not issue license at state level.  Licensure is regulated at county level. Reciprocity: None  


Licensing (General) Nevada law requires that solar energy system installers be licensed by the Nevada State Contractors Board. Contractors may be licensed under License Classification C-37 (solar contracting), or perform solar work under License Classification C-1 (plumbing and heating) for


Licensing (General) Missouri does not have a general contractors license. However, contractors must register their business with the Missouri Secretary of State and have a sales tax ID# which is issued by the Department of Revenue. After registering, contractors can

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