Licensing (PV) Maine does not license PV installers.  However, any person installing PV systems in Maine must hold an electrician’s license suited for the project issued by the Electricians’ Examining Board. Electric code: NEC 2011 edition Note: Efficiency Maine is


Licensing (General) Electrical and plumbing licenses are not required to install solar in Kentucky. Licensing (PV) A licensed electrician is required to pull the permit and be responsible for the final connection to the meter. Licensing (Solar thermal) A licensed


Licensing (PV) In 2012, the legislature established a solar photovoltaic specialty license. All such installation, maintenance, and repair not exempt under the provisions of Section 54-1016, Idaho Code, performed by individuals under this subsection shall be done in accordance with


Licensing (PV) Delaware requires an electricians license to do electrical work; PV installations are considered to be electrical work.  North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification is preferred if applying for state rebates. Electric code: NEC 2005 edition Proposed


Licensing (General) Colorado issues licenses for electricians and plumbers at the state level. Colorado does not issue a contractor’s license specific to solar at the state level.  However, there are local solar specific requirements in some counties (such as El

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