Course name: Solar Permitting Plan Review

  • Intended audience: Those who review plans and inspect solar systems for code compliance
  • Format: Face-to-face
  • Length: 6 hours
  • Instructor: IAEI and ICC-SRCC instructors

Course Description

Solar Permitting Plan Review is an interactive course designed to provide a practical and consistent plan review process. A code official who is a national expert in solar plan review facilitates as participants learn how to evaluate a plan for compliance. There is an emphasis on how to identify the errors most frequently encountered in the plan review phase and in the field inspection.  Each participant is given a solar plan for learning.

After completing this training, the participant will be able to evaluate a complete solar permit package to ensure it is compliant with building, fire, and electrical codes relevant to the jurisdiction. A complete permit package is defined as a site plan, electrical diagram, manufacturers’ specification sheets, and installation instructions.

Course Learning Objectives

Given a (complete, but basic) residential plan, the participant will be able to determine if the plan is in compliance with applicable electrical, building, and fire codes.

Task-level learning objectives

Given the solar plan, each participant will confirm the following:

  1. The location of the roof top array meets requirements for access pathways and fire setbacks as required in local code: International fire code (IFC 605.11) or NFPA 1 (section 11.12).
  2. The quantity and spacing of array structural attachments are appropriate according to mounting system manufacturer’s installation instructions and appropriate for existing roof framing members.
  3. The attachments’ weather sealing detail is correct according to building code IRC section R909.3 and product installation instruction.
  4. AC and DC conductor size and type are correct in accordance with NEC Chapter 3, 690.7, 690.8, 690.31, 690.35, and 705.60.
  5. The module/mounting system combination achieves the required fire classification, equipment grounding/bonding in accordance with UL 1703, UL 2703, NEC 690.43 and 690.45.
  6. The location and rating of the PV system over-current protective device is in accordance with NEC 690.8, NEC 705.12, and NEC 705.60.
  7. The quantities of micro-inverters or AC modules per branch circuit are correct in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and NEC 690.8 and 705.60.
  8. All required disconnecting means, types, and locations are specified on plan in accordance with NEC 690.13 – 690.17 and/or utility.
  9. The plan includes description of all marking and labeling in accordance with IFC 605.11 or NFPA 1 section 11.12, NEC 690.17, NEC 690.31, NEC 690.53, and NEC 690.56.
  10. The existence of a rapid shutdown system (RSS) in accordance with NEC 690.12.


There is a multiple choice learning assessment at the end of the course. Each participant will evaluate a plan for compliance with applicable electrical, building, and fire codes.

CEUs are available through the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) and International Code Council (ICC)


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