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IREC's programs help accelerate the adoption of clean energy nationwide. Here's how you can get involved.

IREC builds the foundation for rapid adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency to benefit people, the economy, and our planet. For over 40 years, IREC has made clean energy possible for millions of Americans through cutting-edge solutions that advance renewable energy, electric grid modernization, and energy efficiency.

Here are few of IREC’s current initiatives with links to how you can get involved. We invite you to explore our website to learn about other IREC programs.

Workforce Solutions

IREC works with a wide network of partners to support the growth of a highly skilled and diverse clean energy workforce.

Apprenticeships in Clean Energy Network

Through the Apprenticeships in Clean Energy (ACE) Network, IREC leads a national coalition of industry, training, and workforce development leaders to expand and diversify Registered Apprenticeship opportunities in the rapidly evolving clean energy sector.

We provide no-cost, high-quality technical assistance for employers and other potential sponsors throughout the process of designing, registering, implementing, and scaling Registered Apprenticeship programs aligned with national standards and industry-recognized credentials. Drawing on proven strategies and best practices, ACE Network partners also offer curriculum resources and recruitment partnerships to support program development and sustainability.

National Clean Energy Workforce Alliance

The National Clean Energy Workforce Alliance has virtually convened more than 500 employers, training providers, community-based recruitment and support organizations, and energy justice organizations. The Alliance is focused on improving clean energy education, training, and job placement outcomes—and ensuring that clean energy jobs are inclusive of diverse candidates and underserved communities.

National Solar Jobs Census

The National Solar Jobs Census is the authoritative report on job growth and workforce development in the solar and storage industry. This annual report tracks solar jobs data nationwide and in all 50 states. It features in-depth analysis on jobs by market segment, demographics, and workforce trends. The most recent Solar Jobs Census was released in 2023, and includes additional data on jobs in other clean energy industries.

We invite you to read the report and consider joining us as a sponsor of the next Solar Jobs Census!

Addressing Regulatory Barriers

We advance regulatory solutions that remove obstacles to installing distributed energy resources (DERs) such as rooftop solar installations, community solar, and battery storage.

Interconnection Solutions

IREC released updated model rules to facilitate the safe, efficient, and reliable interconnection of clean energy resources to the electric grid. Interconnection is one of the biggest roadblocks to expanding DER installations and achieving state clean energy, climate, and just transition goals. IREC’s Model Interconnection Procedures, 2023 Edition includes the latest best practices to enable faster and less costly interconnection of DERs, while maintaining safety and reliability.

IREC and Vote Solar also released updated Freeing the Grid interconnection grades, which grade each state in the nation (as well as Washington, DC and Puerto Rico) on the quality of its interconnection policies. These policies govern how DERs such as solar and energy storage systems can safely and reliably connect to the distribution grid. The grades are based on ten categories of criteria reflecting key considerations to ensure interconnection policies support rather than hinder clean energy market growth.

State interconnection rules are some of the most important, but least talked about, policies for enabling our clean energy and climate goals! IREC’s State Interconnection Rules campaign aims to change that. Joined by a broad coalition of partners, we’re spreading the word about why #StateInterconnectionRules on social media and by email from Sept. 5 -Nov. 9. With an extensive library of template materials to share, participation is easy.

IREC Vision Summit 2023

The IREC Vision Summit is a one-day visionary exploration of what’s needed to make our nation’s bold clean energy goals a reality. The Summit brings together clean energy stakeholders for a deep dive into policies and practices that are essential for all Americans to benefit from clean energy. This year’s Vision Summit will explore critical clean energy interconnection issues and elevate key solutions. 

Local Jurisdictions

IREC and partner organizations provide expert technical assistance and resources to help local officials advance clean energy growth in their communities.

Helping Communities Go Solar

IREC leads the SolSmart program with the International City/County Management Association. SolSmart has provided no-cost technical assistance to help over 500 local governments encourage solar energy growth. Communities that meet national best practices achieve a designation of SolSmart Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum—a sign that the community is “open for solar business.”

Clean Energy Clearinghouse

No matter where you find yourself in your career, all clean energy stakeholders—including authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), fire departments, clean energy contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, electric utilities, building owners, facility managers, and others—benefit from current and timely information related to renewable energy developments. This Clean Energy Clearinghouse offers access to free educational resources and CEU bearing courses to make sure you have the information you need, when you need it. 

Clean Energy Codes and Standards

The Sustainable Energy Action Committee (SEAC) provides a forum to collaboratively identify and find solutions to issues that affect the installation and use of sustainable energy systems using solar photovoltaics (PV), energy storage, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and more. Our mission is to facilitate the deployment and use of affordable, clean and renewable energy in a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner. 

Participation is open to all. Our members include building and fire safety officials, first responders, contractors, manufacturers, utilities, and testing labs.

Energy Resilience in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, IREC helps build the foundation for a clean energy economy and workforce, in collaboration with our local partners. We’re developing innovative financing options that will make solar and battery storage more widely accessible in Puerto Rico. We work with training providers, solar employers, and community leaders to advance workforce development. We lead innovative community microgrid projects that are models for scalable clean energy growth in Puerto Rico and other vulnerable parts of the world.