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IREC Certificate Program Accreditation is the mark of distinction for community colleges and other clean energy training programs issuing market-valued certificates. Show students, employers, funders and other stakeholders that you offer high quality, safety-focused training that is valued by stakeholders.

In order to become accredited as a Certificate Program, you will demonstrate through the application and assessment process that your Program meets all applicable requirements of IREC Standard 14732. This includes offering a market-valued certificate that covers one or more IREC-accepted job task analyses (JTAs), that was developed in accordance with a systematic program plan*.

I want to demonstrate my clean energy certificate program’s quality. How do I get started?

*Systematic Program Plan – Any one of several processes recognized by education and training professionals that documents the creation or revision of educational programs, workshops, or courses using inter-related components of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.





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