“IREC’s process was detailed and comprehensive, and the right lens for us to examine every aspect of our training center operations and program. It provided exactly the tools we were hoping for when we started the process.”

Association for Energy Affordability

You offer high-quality training – it’s time you were recognized. The three steps on the right-hand side of this page will help you prepare your application for IREC accreditation or certification, and the IREC Credentialing staff is always here to help. The IREC Standard details the requirements to be met. The Candidate Handbook provides details about every step of the application and assessment process. You can download an OPTIONAL self-assessment tool to help you identify what needs to be done before you apply for the credential. Once you have gathered your materials, use IREC’s online system, IREC Direct, to file your application form.

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IREC awards credentials without regard to an applicant’s membership or non-membership in any organization, association, or group.



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