The National Solar Conference is America’s leading conference on the emerging trends, technology, and opportunities shaping the new energy economy. The American Solar Energy Society’s cutting-edge conference series introduces attendees to the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs moving the industry forward. With the solar energy and energy efficiency sectors changing at an unprecedented pace, this conference helps participants understand the changes and uncover the billion-dollar opportunities. ASES supports the global energy transformation and believes a world equitably transformed to 100% renewable energy is an urgent necessity.

Through the ASES national solar conference, “SOLAR 2024: Connecting Technology & Policy,” we will elevate public, institutional, and governmental awareness of the critical role solar energy is playing in the global energy landscape. We must ensure that access to and the benefits from clean energy will be enjoyed by all communities, especially those that have been denied those benefits in the past. SOLAR 2024 will promote ASES’ overall goal to “accelerate equitable solar adoption and universal sustainable living by educating and building community.” The conference will focus on research models, examples, and tools for negotiating the challenges to advancing renewables by following justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) principles.

Thursday, May 23 | 11:15-12:30pm ET | Washington, DC & Virtually

Moderated by Larry Sherwood, President & CEO of Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), this panel will explore methods for re-training and empowering a diverse workforce within the solar energy sector. Panelists will discuss initiatives aimed at enhancing skills, promoting inclusivity, and fostering career advancement opportunities to drive innovation and accelerate the clean energy industry.

Meet Our Panelists:
Sandra Begay, Researcher & Indian Energy Program Lead at Sandia National Laboratories
Andrew Schwartz, Division Director, Materials Sciences & Engineering Division at DOE
Cynthia Finley, Ph.D., Vice President of Workforce Strategy & Innovation at IREC

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