Optimized distributed energy resources (DERs) can provide valuable grid services that contribute to greater grid efficiency, reliability, and reduced costs. In order to realize these benefits, state public service commissions and utilities must adopt well-designed DER interconnection procedures that support the rapid, efficient, cost-effective, and safe and reliable integration of DERs with the grid.

This introductory course will cover the key procedural elements of interconnection but will focus especially on the technical aspects of interconnection. Expert instructors will provide a comprehensive overview of:

  • 📌The essential elements of state DER interconnection regulations
  • 📌Key challenges with DER interconnection today
  • 📌Best practices for addressing challenges
  • 📌Procedural considerations (the application process, timelines, queue management)
  • 📌Engineering issues (technical standards, the interconnection review process)

Expert instructors from IREC include:

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