Date: Wednesday, August 24 12-2 p.m. PT

Grid transparency—the ability to view data about the amount of new distributed energy resources the grid can accommodate—is essential for supporting the deployment of energy storage and solar-plus-storage. Grid transparency tools like distribution system data portals, preapplication reports, and hosting capacity analysis (HCA) can enable customers to avoid areas of the grid with high upgrade costs, and to design their systems in a way that maximize grid benefits and minimize impacts. HCA can also be used in other ways, such as by utilities in the interconnection process.

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • the different types of grid transparency tools available and how they can be used by customers and utilities;
  • the types of data customers can access through each tool;
  • and the respective benefits and drawbacks of each of these options.

This is the first part of a two-part training series on grid transparency. The second part, In-Depth Training on Grid Transparency for Energy Storage Interconnection, will provide a much deeper dive into grid transparency tools, including the steps customers take to access grid data; how customers can use the available data in the interconnection process; and best practices for developing and deploying each of the grid transparency tools.

This workshop will be especially helpful for stakeholders with an introductory to mid-level understanding of grid transparency. The presentation will be recorded for those not able to attend; we encourage you to register to receive the recording, even if you cannot attend live.

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