IREC’s Status as an Independent Nonprofit

IREC’s commitment is to advancing policies, programs, and workforce initiatives that help to bring about our mission of a 100% clean energy future that is reliable, resilient, and equitable.  While this work naturally tends to benefit companies in the clean energy sector, we work in the public interest and do not represent the interests of companies. 

For example, a significant part of IREC’s work historically has been focused on protecting the rights of clean energy consumers by empowering them with information about safety, contractual transparency, warranties, advertising, privacy, and other considerations to ensure they get a fair deal when installing solar or other renewable energies. 

We also work with the codes and standards community to advance permitting and inspection policies that ensure the safety of renewable systems. And we work alongside advocates and others to increase access for populations and communities who are currently less able to access affordable clean energy or energy efficiency improvements—e.g., low- and moderate-income families, multi-unit dwellers, and renters. In all of these areas, our stances may not always align with the preferences of the private sector. 

Furthermore, we are proud of our longstanding track record as an independent, unbiased organization that can bring to the table diverse groups—from clean energy companies to regulators, utilities, and AHJs—to achieve solutions that meet the needs of all parties while advancing a clean energy future. This role requires us to be open to hearing all perspectives and fostering open and honest dialogue, a responsibility we take seriously.