For course participants

  1. End of course evaluation
  2. Presentation slides – Plan Review (PDF download) 
  3. Presentation slides – field inspection techniques (PDF download) 
  4. Teaching Plan A (PDF download)
  5. Practice Plan C (PDF download)
  6. Basic Checklist – Plan Review (PDF download)
  7. Basic Checklist – Field Inspection (PDF download)
  8. IBTS Labeling Guide (2014 NEC) – 2017 version coming soon
  9. Hellermann Tyton Labeling Poster (2017 NEC Article 690 and IFC 2012)
  10. Sample Solar Permit Checklist for Photovoltaic Systems 10 kW or less – what the installer should submit as part of the permit application
  11. Prescriptive Process for Structural Approval of Small PV Systems (Feb 2013)
  12. Recommended Model Permitting Processes and Structural Review Guidance for Rooftop Solar PV in Massachusetts (DOER Feb 2013)
  13. Calculation examples for Plan Review (PDF download)
  14. About Solarize Mass (MassCEC)
  15. Solarize Mass Minimum Technical Requirements

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