A visionary exploration of the pillar policies, practices and workforce training necessary to enable more Americans to benefit from clean energy.

NATIONAL CHALLENGES: States Drive Solutions

Prominent national and state clean energy influencers will lead thought provoking expert panels and targeted outcome-driven discussion.

Participants will help shape a resulting VISION DOCUMENT and ultimately an action plan – key to the future actions, policies and practices of state decision makers across the U.S.

ATTENDEES Influencers, visionaries, advocates, educators

  • Key state and federal energy policy and decision makers
  • Industry leaders in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability
  • “Allied” industry leaders whose workers engage with clean energy technologies

FOCUS PILLAR ISSUES in the U.S. Clean Energy Transformation

  • Harnessing the Potential of New Technologies | Planning and managing to enable more distributed energy resources
  • Ensuring a Clean Energy Economy | Preparing a cross-industry workforce
  • Expanding Who Benefits From Renewables | Affordable easy access for low-income families and communities

National Advisory Committee

• Nicole Enright | Institute for Sustainable Communities

• Sue Gander | National Governors Association
• Leia Guccione | Rocky Mountain Institute
• John Hall | Environmental Defense Fund
• Erica Mackie | Grid Alternatives
• Jacqueline Patterson | NAACP
• Dan Reicher | Stanford University
• Curtis Seymour | Energy Foundation
• John Shenot | Regulatory Assistance Project
• Kelly Speakes-Backman | Energy Storage Association
Jen Szaro | Smart Electric Power Association
• David Terry | National Association of State Energy Officials
• Elaine Ulrich | U.S. Department of Energy
• Kerry Worthington | National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners


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