The Puerto Rican Solar Business Accelerator is working with two Puerto Rico communities to develop microgrid projects using solar energy and battery storage, in partnership with local organizations and the University of Puerto Rico — Mayagüez.

Microgrids use solar energy and battery storage to provide a sustainable, local electricity source independent of the power grid. They support local resilience in areas that are especially vulnerable to the impacts of natural disasters. Working with IREC, the local communities define the projects and participate actively in the design, contracting, model selection, and administration process.

These upcoming projects aim to serve as models for designing, installing, and managing microgrids in Puerto Rico.

Maricao, Puerto Rico

IREC and the Monte Azul Foundation have selected a consortium of local businesses to develop a new solar energy microgrid in Maricao, Puerto Rico! The consortium, Grupo EPC Microrred, is made up of six Puerto-Rico based small businesses, three of which are women-owned. The microgrid project will include 140 kWDC in solar panels and 169 kWh in battery storage.

The Maricao microgrid will provide clean and reliable energy to local establishments that offer essential services to the community, such as health care and banking. Participating companies include SunJuice LLC Solar, Lisa Spickers LLC, NEO ERA Group LLC, Solar Step LLC, ecologicAll PSC, and SunSol LLC.

Castañer, Puerto Rico

In May 2022, the community of Castañer celebrated the installation of its first solar energy microgrid. The project was developed in a collaborative process including the PRSBA, the local organization Cooperativa Hidroeléctrica de la Montaña, and the University of Puerto Rico — Mayagüez.

The first phase of the microgrid now includes 40 kW in solar energy and 35 kWh in battery storage. When complete, the installation will include about 225 kW of electricity and 500 kWh in storage. The installation and development of the microgrid was led by the company Borintek.

The microgrid powers five local businesses and provides an independent, resilient source of power that benefits the entire community.

Watch our two-part video to learn more!

For additional resources and frequently asked questions, please visit our Spanish-language page on the Puerto Rico microgrids or contact us with any questions.

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