The Puerto Rican Solar Business Accelerator (PRSBA) works closely with the financial industry, solar companies, and government officials to propose the most beneficial and optimal financial products. 

For the solar industry, providing optimal financing options is as important as having the best technology and workforce. For this reason, the PRSBA evaluates financing scenarios for both solar businesses and their clients. Our aim is to identify and propose new financing approaches that are affordable and accessible. We work in close collaboration with the finance industry, solar companies, and the government.

Where can I find financing for residential and commercial solar projects?

If your financial institution offers solar loans and would like to be included in the reference list below, please let us know.

Report: Solar Finance in Puerto Rico

This 2021 report offers a summary of the financial institutions, mechanisms, and solar companies that offer financing for project development or loans for solar consumers. Based on a survey of the sector and interviews with financial institution representatives, the report identifies current trends, practices, barriers, and unmet needs to investing and financing solar energy and battery storage in Puerto Rico.

Working Groups on Solar Finance

The PRSBA has formed two working groups to encourage new ideas and proposals to improve solar financing in Puerto Rico. These working groups include broad representation from cooperatives, the solar industry, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Dialogue with the Association of Cooperative Executives

IREC Program Director Carlos Velázquez and Program Manager Loraima Jaramillo speak with Keyshla Molina, executive director of the Asociación de Ejecutivos de Cooperativas sobre Energía Solar.

Panel: Insurance for Commercial and Residential Photovoltaic Systems

Watch this April 2022 panel discussion from IREC.

Dialogue on Integrating Photovoltaic Systems into Mortgage Loans

On March 25, the PRSBA convened a panel on including photovoltaic systems in mortgage loans. Participants included appraiser Enrique Ferrer, and mortgage expert Nilda Batiz. This dialogue took on relevant themes such as the requirements established by regulatory institutions, processes, and advantages, among others.

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