Solar Ready Vets Installation Training

The first iteration of the Solar Ready Vets program launched in 2014, offering a six-week design and installation training for transitioning service members. The Solar Foundation, which has since merged with IREC, led the program starting in 2016. While this funding has concluded, three locations continue to offer the Solar Ready Vets curriculum: SUNY Canton (NY), Tidewater Community College (VA), and St. Philip’s College (TX).

Solar Training Network

From 2016-2019, The Solar Foundation (now IREC) led The Solar Training Network,  a national solar workforce development initiative to support a diverse and job ready solar workforce. This program prioritized stakeholder engagement efforts, and produced original research and resources exploring the processes and challenges surrounding solar training and hiring. 

The Solar Training Network led and promoted efforts to identify and address information gaps related to evolving workforce needs; more closely integrate solar career pathways into the public workforce development system; and expand solar work-based learning opportunities. 

Two key outcomes from this program were the 2017 Solar Training and Hiring Insights report and the 2018 workforce development toolkit for the solar industry.

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