Solar Certification for Veterans

As a partner in the Solar Ready Vets Network, NABCEP plays a key role in expanding training and credentialing opportunities for military talent.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a widely respected and recognized certification organization for renewable energy professionals.

Whether you’re just getting started in solar, or are looking to advance your solar career, NABCEP credentials are an important step toward a powerful career. A NABCEP credential helps employers to identify top talent — it indicates commitment to the profession, and demonstrates understanding of solar fundamentals.

Spanning installation, design, technical sales and a range of other solar career pathways, NABCEP certifications can boost your earning potential, and help you to be well qualified for jobs that match your career goals.

For veterans and service members with experience managing operations, projects, and people, there are many jobs that can be performed in an office or remotely and do not require fieldwork. Sales, customer service, and business development professionals are also in high demand.

Why Earn NABCEP Certifiation?

  • Validation of Knowledge
  • Increased Earning Potential
  • Enhanced Professional Credibility
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Expanded GI Bill Benefits

The Solar Ready Vets team has secured approvals from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for all of NABCEP’s solar certifications and credentials to be eligible for GI Bill benefits. Veterans and military personnel transitioning to the civilian workforce can now apply for reimbursement of exam fees for all NABCEP PV–related exams.

Approved for GI Bill:

  • PV Associate (PVA)
  • PV Installation Professional (PVIP)
  • PV Design Specialist (PVDS)
  • PV Installation Specialist (PVIS)
  • PV Commissioning & Maintenance (PVCMS)
  • PV Technical Sales (PVTS)
  • PV System Inspector (PVSI)
GI Bill Reimbursement Form

Veteran FAST TRACKS to Solar Certification

Solar Ready Vets is working to accelerate and streamline NABCEP certifications in ways that recognize relevant military experience.  This will become available fall 2021. Details coming soon!

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