Solar Ready Vets Fellowships

IREC is helping solar employers offer high-value career opportunities for military service members and veterans.

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The Solar Ready Vets Fellowship is implemented by the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program with support from IREC and Solar Energy Industries Association.

This program is offered to employers at no cost and supports a smooth transition from active duty to leadership roles in the civilian solar workforce. Through this process, employers gain access to a natural recruitment pipeline of the best and brightest transitioning military talent, while gaining a deeper understanding of the veteran labor market.

Host a Fellow

If you’re ready to host a Solar Ready Vets Fellow, please review the program information on this page and send an email to Becky Long, Senior Program Manager at the Solar Energy Industries Association [email protected].

If you’re interested in staying up to date on fellowship cohorts and other opportunities, join the Solar Ready Vets Network and indicate your interest in the program.

Join the Solar Ready Vets Network

Fellowship Program at a Glance

  • Highly qualified mid-to-senior level service members are placed with solar industry employers in three cohorts per year for 12 weeks of on-the-job training, intended to lead to employment.
  • Candidates are matched with participating companies based on their specific knowledge and skills, and the preferences of both parties.
  • Fellowships are focused in professional roles requiring a Bachelor’s degree and leadership experience, such as project management, business development, operations & logistics, etc.
  • Solar Ready Vets Fellows receive a “Solar 101” pre-placement curriculum, which includes an orientation to the technical, market, and policy dimensions of the solar industry.
  • This program is offered to employers at no cost. The fellows are still considered active duty and will receive their military salaries and benefits throughout the 12 weeks. 

Fellowship Roles

Fellows’ education, experience, and individual skill sets are commensurate with management / professional roles such as (but not limited to): Business development, project development, project management, construction management, policy/government relations, engineering/system design, logistics/supply chain, quality assurance, research/data analysis, operations/asset management, communications/marketing, finance/accounting, IT/Software, and human resources.

Josh Kenyon

Development Manager, Core Development Group; former Solar Ready Vets fellow
“The beauty of the Hiring Our Heroes Program is that before we even get to the interviews, we go through training on how to put what we do [in the military] into a resume, and communicate our experience and skills in a way that will make sense to you.”

How it Works

1. Sign up to receive resumes 

Hiring Our Heroes leads the Solar Ready Vets Fellowship placement process. Once your company is approved, the Hiring Our Heroes program manager based in the geographic region where you are looking for talent will be in touch with you to confirm your company’s interest for each upcoming cohort. The Program Manager will then share candidate resumes for your review. 

2.  Interview fellowship candidates

Companies should independently set up interviews with fellowship candidates for roles where they have an open requisition by the deadline provided by the program managers. Candidates typically interview with several employers. Remember that you are competing with other employers and other industries for talent, so it is best to complete your interviews early! 

3. Fellowship matching process

Fellowship candidates rank their top companies, and companies rank their top candidates. Hiring Our Heroes program managers then review the rankings and place fellows at companies where there is a good match. 

4. Host your Solar Ready Vets Fellow(s)

The program runs for 12 weeks, during which time the fellow is on-the-job with the employer from Monday – Thursday. This real-world experience is augmented by weekly Friday professional development sessions led by Hiring Our Heroes. Program managers will check in periodically with fellows and employers to ensure a positive experience.

Towards the end of the fellowship, employers are encouraged to speak directly with fellows and make full-time job offers to fellows who they would like to bring on after the fellowship ends.

Upon completion of the fellowship, 92% of fellows are offered full-time employment.

Our Track Record

Solar Ready Vets Fellows have filled leadership and management roles with diverse solar companies. Read a case study to learn more about the immense value that Solar Ready Vets Fellows offer to employers on day one.

Case Study: Icarus RT

Upcoming Program Dates

 2022 Cohort 1: January 17 – March 31 

Application Deadline: 10/22/21  

2022 Cohort 2: May 9 – July 22 

Application Deadline: 3/04/22 

2022 Cohort 3: August 6 – November  18

Application Deadline: 06/17/22

Nick De Vries

Senior Vice President of Technology & Asset Management at Silicon Ranch; US Army Veteran
“The key thing to make the program work is executive interest. We know at every level of the company that this matters… we all understand that [hiring veterans] is important for our growth and important for our country”

Recent Solar Ready Vets Fellowship Host Companies