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A Playbook for Modernizing the Distribution Grid, Volume I (aka the GridMod Playbook)Developed by IREC and GridLab, A Playbook for Modernizing the Distribution Grid (aka the “GridMod Playbook”) is an evaluation toolkit to help regulatory stakeholders navigate, analyze and make more informed decisions about grid modernization proposals, distribution plans and grid investments. The GridMod Playbook aims to ensure more efficient and impactful grid modernization efforts in support of state public policy goals, such as clean energy adoption, across the United States and U.S. territories.

This first volume, Grid Modernization Goals, Principles and Plan Evaluation Checklist, consists of goals and principles for grid modernization, and an evaluation checklist—combined, they provide an initial framework to help utility regulators and regulatory stakeholders assess the merits of proposed grid modernization plans, investments and initiatives. May 2020

The Playbook was written by Sara Baldwin, IREC Vice President-Regulatory; Ric O’Connell, Executive Director of GridLab; and Curt Volkmann, President of New Energy Advisors.


On Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the authors hosted a webinar for interested parties to learn more about the key takeaways of the Playbook and have their questions answered. Watch the recorded webinar here! (Note that you will need to register; use the button in the upper right corner.)


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