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IREC Report: Charging Ahead: Energy Storage Guide for Policymakers released April 2017To date, state policymakers and electric system stakeholders have largely navigated energy storage issues without the benefit of a roadmap to inform key regulatory and policy pathways for widespread deployment.

Charging Ahead aims to address that gap by providing an in-depth discussion of the most urgent actions to take in order to enable viable energy storage markets that effectively empower states to take advantage of the full suite of advanced energy storage capabilities. The guide identifies four foundational policy actions states should consider taking. April 2017


Key Takeaways from Charging Ahead Energy Storage Guide for Policyamkers released November 2017Key Takeaways for Policymakers and Regulators

Recently released, these key takeaways from IREC’s Charging Ahead: An Energy Storage Guide for State Policymakers provides state policymakers and regulators with systematic, foundational information on advanced energy storage as well as more specific guidance on key policymaking. Companion to full report (above), the takeaways can help state policymakers and regulators as they chart a course to address energy storage in their markets. November 2017

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