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LMI Cover_FINAL_030316IREC’s Shared Renewable Energy for Low-to Moderate-Income Consumers: Policy Guidelines and Model Provisions provides information and tools for policymakers, regulators, utilities, shared renewable energy developers, program administrators and others to support the adoption and implementation of shared renewables programs specifically designed to provide tangible benefits to LMI individuals and households. The guidelines and accompanying model provisions are intended to  function in tandem with IREC’s existing Model Rules for Shared Renewable Energy Programs, which have helped guide and inform numerous state and utility shared renewable energy programs to date. 

“Opening more neighborhood doors to solar and other renewable energy is our goal with these guidelines,” says IREC President/CEO Larry Sherwood, “specifically doors of low or moderate income homes and those in disadvantaged communities.”  

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SummaryPg1This four-page quick reference guide to the full LMI report provides a summary of the key components of the guidelines and model provisions, along with references to the relevant sections within the main report. March 2016

Model Provisions extracted from the report for quick access.


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