Many states are experiencing a rapid onset of new challenges relating to significantly higher (and growing) penetrations of renewable energy and distributed energy resources (DERs) on the grid.  Several states stand to benefit from the adoption of updated standards – not only to handle current and anticipated growth of DERs, but also to enable the integration of more cost-effective and efficient clean energy projects.

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Some states, on the other hand, have yet to adopt statewide interconnection standards. Yet other states continue to pioneer the new frontier of interconnection best practices, which are helping to lay the foundation for other states to follow.

Consistently across numerous states, interconnection standards continue to emerge as a linchpin to the advent of a more modern grid, and there remains a prominent need to assist leading and lagging states alike as they work towards the adoption of next generation interconnection best practices.

IREC’s Interconnection Work

IREC has been leading national interconnection reform efforts for more than a decade. Click To Tweet IREC has been leading national interconnection efforts for more than a decade. In that time, we have helped nearly 30 states adopt and improve their state interconnection standards, and in doing so, helped establish a critical foundation for clean energy growth across the country. IREC is widely recognized as a leading expert on interconnection standards and integration issues, and we are well-suited to bring workable solutions to enable sustainable growth of DERs on the grid.

Our independent voice and national perspective, coupled with our consistent track record, help nascent markets avoid critical pitfalls and help more advanced markets address challenges associated with high penetrations of distributed generation and other DERs. Through active intervention in rulemakings, education and coordination with regulatory stakeholders across a number of states, IREC facilitates the adoption of streamlined interconnection standards across the country.  Our work on this foundational policy increases access to more affordable and efficient clean energy for more Americans.

Recent State Engagement

Whether serving as an active intervenor in a regulatory proceeding or by providing technical assistance and support to stakeholders, IREC engages on interconnection matters in a number of states.  Most recently, IREC has been involved in California, Iowa, Minnesota, and New York.


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